Laboratory Director

Dr. Brent M Goehring, PhD 2010 Columbia University (Full CV)

Postdoctoral Researchers

Soon to be Dr. Ryan Venturelli, PhD 2021 University of South Florida (website)

Ryan comes to us from the University of South Florida. She is an expert in ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon and clumped isotope analyses and to date has focused on investigating geochemistry of subglacial environments and learning about ice sheet dynamics from the geochemistry. She’ll be working on the International Thwaites Glacier project, measuring in situ carbon-14 to decipher if Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers were ever smaller than today.

Graduate Students

Rachel Sortor, PhD Student

Rachel studies the uplift and glacial history of the Alaska Range using cosmogenic nuclide dating. She is utilizing 26Al-10Be burial dating to determine uplift and rotation rates of the northern foothills of the Alaska Range over the past ~6 Myr, and 14C surface exposure dating to update our understanding of glacial extent and chronology for the region.

Rachel grew up in southeast Michigan and received a B.S. in Environmental Geology and an M.S. in Geology from the University of Michigan. In her free time, she enjoys camping, board games, reading and baking adventures.

Cari Rand, MS 2019, PhD student

The ever elusive Cari Rand has chosen not provide his bio, but he is working on cutting edge measurements of glacial erosion rates in northern Norway. I think he’s just in it for the lutefisk. Appears Cari is in it for the long haul! Cari will be starting work on the Thwaites Glacier Geologic History Constraints project working on carbon-14 exposure dating from subglacial bedrock cores.

Tori Kennedy, MS Student

Tori will be joining us in the lab starting summer 2019. Tori will be working on a collaborative project trying to understand the advance and retreat histories of glaciers along the North and South American Cordilleras. She’ll be mostly focusing on glaciers in British Columbia, the Yukon, and Alaska. Tori joins us from Indiana University-Purdue University where she did undergraduate research on ice cored moraines in Antarctica.

Undergraduate Students

Laurel Mire
Always looking for new undergraduate students!

Visitors (Past and Present)

Jason Cesta, University of Cincinnati
Adam Hawkins, University of Northern British Columbia
Anthony “Cole” Vickers, Boston College
Cody Paige, Dalhousie University
Perry Spector, Berkeley Geochronology Center
Sarah Sams, Purdue University
Michael Stone, Louisiana State University

Lab Alumnae

Dr. Keir Nichols, PhD 2020 Tulane University, now at Imperial College London

Dr. Chris Darvill, University of Northern British Columbia (now University of Manchester)

James Leon, rock crusher extraordinaire
Colby Lejune, BS student